Community Capital Grants

CLOSED for submissions. Come back November 2020. CAPITAL GRANTS are available for non-profit organizations that serve Cochrane and area for capital expenditures. Due Jan 31st  Please click here to download the PDF application and form and submit by email to info@cochranefoundation.cathis is preferable. If you have concerns, email  OR fill out form here. You cannot save your file, so it is advised you complete your draft in another format first. Try another browser if the recaptcha causes issues. Or simply email your application in – as mentioned above.
Community Capital Grants
Max file size is 33 MB.
Max file size is 33 MB.
Max file size is 33 MB.
Max file size is 33 MB.
Grant Application Guidelines
1) Grants are restricted to organizations and projects that benefit the residents of Cochrane and surrounding district.
2) It is intended that grants benefit the greatest community need.
3) Grants should be applied to needs not met by other funding organizations.
4) Grants are approved for a one-time capital expenditure, not operating costs.
5) For our purposes, removable equipment (i.e. balls, rackets, saddles, toys, uniforms etc.) are operating costs and thus ineligible for support
6) Where a project requires town permits, kindly attach initial approvals for development.
7) The Foundation encourages collaboration between organizations to achieve greater community benefit and funding efficiencies.
8) Schools and preschools are ineligible for funding. However, projects that are managed by a non-profit organization, with a school as a project participant would be considered.
9) For-profit organizations and groups are ineligible for support.
10) The Foundation does not usually provide total funding for a project. We look for an investment by your own organization, contributions from the community and/or support from other funding sources.
11) In addition to completing this application for funding, please submit the following:
. A financial statement for the applicant’s most recent year end.
. A list of your Board of Directors (if applicable).
. A budget for the project for which funds are sought.
. Any additional useful project information.

Please be advised that upon approval of this application your signature below indicates your agreement to comply with the following:
. Your financial need continues to exist and other funding has not been pledged or received.
. Funds received will be used only for the purpose(s) indicated in this application.
. Grant funds will be expended within one year of the date they are received.
. Funds not expended within one year shall be returned promptly to the Foundation.
. Within one month of fund expenditure, such expenditure will be reported to The Cochrane and District Community Foundation together with supporting documentation such as photographs, copies of receipts, etc.
All applications are reviewed by the Board of the Cochrane and District Community Foundation and grant awards are determined at the discretion of the Board. In review of the applications, the Foundation may request additional information.
Submit online by Jan31st