New for 2019 – Neighbor Grants!

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Cochrane Foundation knows our local organizations need support for community events and festivals! We have a grant stream new for 2019, just for you!  Cochrane Foundation Neighbour Grants Guidelines People in communities have great ideas for how to make things better. Neighbour Grants helps people in Cochrane and Area implement their own small acts of community right in the neighbourhoods and communities where they live by offering up to $5,000 for project expenses. The small acts of community we support tend to be projects where people:
  • Build gathering spaces, such as community gardens and naturalized areas
  • Engage people in creative ways to address concerns, such as community-created street murals, multi-racial or ethnic arts festivals, and non-partisan discussions on the importance of voting
  • Foster a sense of pride and presence, such as cultural sharing events and achievement celebrations of local youth and seniors
  • Give people the chance to get involved in community life, such as book- or tool-sharing libraries, new kinds of neighbourhood festivals, and skills-sharing events
  • Plan and guide neighbourhood and community development, such as resident-driven design or sustainability workshops and Reconciliation-themed learning initiatives
To qualify, the small acts of community must:
  • Help people be leaders within the everyday life of their own communities
  • Form new or stronger connections between local people, groups, and organizations
  • Create or strengthen people’s sense of belonging and inclusion
Who can apply? Registered charities and other registered societies can apply for projects that take place in Cochrane and area. Deadline? January 31st annually. Is Neighbour Grants a one-time only grant? No. We’re happy to hear from past grantees about next steps in their project that make it more meaningful, more welcoming to isolated or diverse parts of their community, or more economically or environmentally sustainable. However, a group can only have one Neighbour Grant at a time. What can Neighbour Grants be used for? Typical costs are for volunteer and community involvement. Examples include: Event space rental, refreshments, supplies people will use to build or offer something for the community, and fees for artists who will help people participate and create something great. Neighbour Grants cannot be used for: Debt retirement, expenses that have already been spent, facility improvements, fundraising projects, ongoing operating expenses, or for projects with costly ticket prices. Who evaluates Neighbour Grants applications? A Cochrane Foundation subcommittee of local board members who believe in active citizenship and inclusive welcoming community life review eligible applications. If you are awarded a Neighbour Grant, then what?
  • Acknowledge the support of the Cochrane Foundation Neighbour Grants in project materials
  • Use our logo on your flyers and websites and borrow our banner to display at your events.
  • Invite us to key project events. We like to attend and see your project in action.
  • Consult us first if you think of changing the project or how you spend the grant. We do our best to help you respond to changing circumstances.
  • Tell us your project story through the Neighbour Grants Final Project Report Form. (Look at the form if you receive a grant to know what data to collect as your project unfolds.)
  How do you apply? Get the application form from our website and submit it (with attached documents) by email – by Jan 31st. Note: You will know if you are awarded a grant 6 weeks from an application deadline.  

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